Tartu Christian Adolescents' Home was established in 2000 as an NGO to help
children who have lost their families or whose parents, for one reason or another, are unable to take care of them. Today, we have a total of 35 children under our care. The goal of the Tartu Christian Adolescents' Home is to make sure our children get a school education to the maximum of their ability – this is essentially the only way for our
youngsters to compete successfully in the labour market in the future and to live their lives in such a way that they can contribute to the social system.

We do have different support models to endorse their education: if necessary, we hire personal teachers, cooperate with private schools that take into account the personality and characteristics of the child, etc. Another important part of our work is filling 
children's spare time. Almost all our children have found suitable hobbies and 
interests to devote themselves to.

In addition, Tartu Christian Adolescents' Home cooperates with the City Government of Tartu, providing opportunities and activities in the field of national traditions, folklore and culture. Singing, dancing and musical instruments are also taught in-house. All 
traditional ensembles of the house are gathered under the Tartu Folklore Club "Maatasa". They have performed in many places across Estonia, as well as in Hungary, Germany, Sweden, Latvia, Finland, Poland, Portugal, the Czech Republic, etc.

Website: https://tartufolk.ee/folkloriklubi-maatasa/

Furthermore, the violin ensemble "Helinad" and the youth choir "In Corpore" are also 
operating in the house. Our culture director is Halliki Pihlap.

We do focus on children's social skills, from basic manners and polite behaviour to management and household skills.